Automatic Busway Assembly Line

The automatic assembly line has a four-piece type and two-piece type. Busbar can be assembled automatically with rivets or bolts according to the design.

The automatic assembly machine can realize the automated assembly of the busbar. It reduces staffing and improves product quality and working efficiency. The working principle is to recognize the busbar type and adjust all the parameters of the machine automatically by scanning the bar code. The interconnection of PLC, network, touch screen, and IPC can also connect with ERP and automatic inspection machines.

The automatic assembly machine has self-checking functions, including self-diagnosing each input and output signal, preventing failures, and counting the machine’s OEE (comprehensive utilization rate) for extensive data analysis in the future.

Automatic Busbar Assembly Line & Parameters



Model No.                


Maximum Busbar Height                


350mm (Single layer)                

Maximum Busbar Length                


Position Type                

Unilateral / Middle                

Working Efficiency                

2 min/3 Meter                

Control Axis                

5 Axis                

Control System                

Network Control, Online     Maintenance (Optional)                

Nos of Riveting Station                

4sets (Four Piece Type)/2sets   (Two Piece Type)                

Riveting Type                

Automatic Riveting                

Total Power of Equipment                


Size of Equipment                


automatic riveting machine


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